AMD A-Pro 3440B APU specifications, spotted in HP 14 laptop

AMD A-Pro series processors are meant for a business laptops and we recently spotted it in the maintenance manual of the HP 14 laptop. The manual also spilled the AMD A-Pro 3440B specifications which are as follows:

* 2.2 GHz clock speed integrated graphics
* AMD Radeon HD 8830
* 25 watt TDP

AMD A-Pro 3440B

We will update this post when we find more information about the processor.

All the model numbers in this series have PRO prefix as well as a "B" suffix. Right now AMD offers a range of dual and quad core Kaveri processors for both desktop and mobile markets. Axiomatically the AMD A-Pro 3440B has Kabini core and is manufactured in FT3 BGA package.

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