AMD Athlon X4 530 and 550 CPUs spotted in support lists of CPU

AMD is all set to launch two new processors based on the AM1 socket platform. Right now there are four dual and quad core APUs for the socket but they are all based on the Kabini architecture that feature cores, GPU, memory controller and fusion controller hub on the same chipset.

This is all going to change as we spotted two graphic-less variants of Kabini processors. We have also come to know that they be sold as Athlon X4 530 and X4 550 clocked at 2 and 2.2 GHz respectively.

TDP of both is said to be 25 watts. Here are the specifications summary of both 530 and 550 CPUs.

   Model       Cores    Clock    L2 cache    TDP

Athlon X4 530    4        2 GHz     2 MB    25 Watt
Athlon X4 550    4        2.2 GHz   2 MB    25 Watt

You can find the detailed specifications of X4 530 here and X4 550 here.

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