Intel 5Y10 5Y70 5Y10A Core X are first Broadwell CPUs

The new Intel Broadwell processors are coming this September and we now have the details of three CPUs that will be the first to make their debut in to the market. These are Core X 5Y10, 5Y70 and 5Y10a and it is confirmed by VR-zone’s Chinese site that confirms the Y-series models. They say that the Y models will be released first.

Intel 5Y10 5Y70 5Y10A

Also these will be launched in the Core X series where X is the generic name and not a sign that replaces the series (such as the current Core ix series where x can be replaced by the numbers such as 3, 5 or 7). All of them will have HD 5000 or HD 6000 integrated GPUs.

VR-zone site also shows that 5Y10, 5Y70 and 5Y10A will be introduced between September to October 2014.

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