Intel Core i3-6006U specifications: Intel Core i3-6006U benchmark

Intel Core i3-6006U specifications benchmark

Intel has churned out Core i3-6006U for the cheap to mid-range laptops earlier this month. For some reason, this Core i3-6006U processor is not kaby lake and Intel decided to use the skylake micro architecture so it is a 6th generation CPU, not 7th generation kaby lake. Intel Core i3-6006U comes with standard features like 3MB L3 cache, integrated GPU and memory controller units. Hyperthreading and turbo boost technologies is absolutely missing as those are reserved for i5 and i7 processors. CPU is clocked at 2GH which makes it about 0.3GHz slower than the Core i3-6100U which is nearly an year old already.

Intel will be selling Core i3-6006U for 281 dollars which is same price as the i3-6100U CPU. TDP is 15 watts. Here are detailed Core i3-6006U specifications. Intel Core i3-6006U benchmarks are coming soon.

Family    Intel Core i3 Mobile
Model number     i3-6006U
Microarchitecture    Skylake
Core stepping     D1 (SR2UW)
Manufacturing process    14nm
Data width    64 bit
The number of CPU cores    2
The number of threads    4
Level 1 cache size     2 x 32 KB 8-way set associative instruction caches, 2 x 32 KB 8-way set associative data caches
Level 2 cache size     2 x 256 KB 4-way set associative caches
Level 3 cache size    3 MB 12-way set associative shared cache
Physical memory    32 GB
Maximum operating temperature     100°C
Thermal Design Power     15 Watt

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