Core i5-4300U

The Intel Core i5-4300U is an ultrabook laptop processor that is based on haswell architecture.

Core i5-4300U specifications

Family    Intel Core i5 Mobile
Model number     i5-4300U
Frequency     1900 MHz
Turbo frequency    2900 MHz
Microarchitecture    Haswell
Data width    64 bit
The number of cores    2
The number of threads    4
Floating Point Unit    Integrated
Level 1 cache size     2 x 32 KB instruction caches, 2 x 32 KB data caches
Level 2 cache size     2 x 256 KB
Level 3 cache size    3 MB shared cache
Multiprocessing    Uniprocessor
GPU Type: HD 4400; Base frequency (MHz): 200; Maximum frequency (MHz): 1100
TDP    15 watts

Core i5-4300U Benchmark

Passmark 3917
PCmark7 Not Available
PCmark vantage Not Available


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