Pentium 3558U

Pentium 3558U is a processor by Intel meant to be used in cheap or thin laptops and is based on haswell architecture.

Intel Pentium 3558U Specs

Model number     3558U
Frequency     1700 MHz
Introduction date    December 2013
Microarchitecture    Haswell
Data width    64 bit
The number of cores    2
The number of threads    2
Floating Point Unit    Integrated
Level 1 cache size     2 x 32 KB instruction caches; 2 x 32 KB data caches
Level 2 cache size     2 x 256 KB
Level 3 cache size    2 MB shared cache
Physical memory    16 GB
GPU Type: HD (Haswell); Base frequency (MHz): 200; Maximum frequency (MHz): 1000
TDP    15 Watt

Intel Pentium 3558U Benchmark

Passmark – 1865

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