Quad Core Processor Equipped A1000G small PC is all about fun

A1000G is a home theater PC that packs a quad core CPU that makes it ideal to be used as home theater, multimedia center or a standalone PC. Priced at 140 dollars, it runs Android operating system which is more suitable for media center computers since they come preloaded with mobile optimized apps that do not stress the processor much and keep everything run smooth.


The A1000G runs Android 4.1 operating system and supports plug and play hardware with support for USM hard disk drive and SATA. The processor is so powerful that it is able to provide hardware de-acceleration for 4K videos. It features built in wireless LAN, allowing users to watch Youtube videos, Hulu, Netflix and more. You can, of course browse the Internet using a web browsing or check your emails using the bundled app. You can purchase A1000G from gearbest.com for 140.14 dollars.


The A1000G runs practically any android game out there, thanks to its octa core GPU which can run any high quality 3G games easily. It does not disappoint in the ports department, packing three USB ports, one SD card, audio, micro USB, HDMI, LAN and optical ports. After packing all this, it weighs 392 grams and measures 17.5 x 11.5 x 5.0 cm. In the box, you will get the item, remote control, HDMI, power adapter and a user manual. You can find many other CPU accessories at gearbest.com


The build quality of the A1000G is excellent and it feels very solid in the hands. Since it supports normal SATA, you can clone the drive and use an SSD that will help you boost the speed. You can then connect the keyboard by using its USB port. Mouse is also supported since A1000G runs android and the operating system has full support of Mice and Keyboard.

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